About us

An idea – put into practice

Our history

Torsten Niemeitz, born in 1971, has a degree in mechanical engineering. Design engineer and project leader with three global players. Developed and readied his first product for serial production from scratch and through necessity.

Our mission

Everyone should have the chance to get a relaxed good night’s sleep during their travels, without being bitten by insects or other critters.

Calm at night

When travelling to the tropics, we found out the hard way that standard mosquito nets do have their shortcomings. Sometimes, hotel rooms lack suspension options, or mosquito nets are far overdimensioned and hard to handle, or, on the contrary, much too small especially for very tall people. All in all, the nights during our travels were quite unrestful since mosquito protection turned out to be quite awkward.

No more improvising

Sleeping without a mosquito net during our trips was no alternative, though – tropical diseases transmitted by insect bites are too severe. Not only mosquitoes are known to be vectors, but also gnats or bedbugs crawling through your hotel room. Therefore we tried to make do with improvised solutions – however, the problem kept haunting me, and I started inventing.

Our solution: Mosquito-Safe

Our small start-up from Hanover, Germany, has brought the patent-pending, clever self-supporting high-quality tent system MOSQUITO-SAFE to market. Never again will you have to put up clotheslines or awkwardly screw hooks in walls that aren’t yours. Never again will you have to claw your way through the masses of a huge mosquito net or cram yourself into a space that’s too small for you.

Self-supporting tent

The self-supporting MOSQUITO-SAFE has a tent bottom and is closed off all around – a safe and yet breathable mosquito net suitable for children and grown-ups. The practical self-supporting XXL mosquito net for the bedroom has been designed to allow for the greatest flexibility when being put up. You can use it on a lot of bed sizes. The tent has two entrances and high-quality lightweight poles made of anodized aluminium. Setting it up is really easy, and its packing dimensions are so small that the lightweight mosquito protection net is quite an interesting alternative for backpackers, too.

Protects you from below

MOSQUITO-SAFE doesn’t only protect you from flying pests, though. The mosquito tent has a sturdy bottom keeping away bedbugs and other unwelcome critters trying to get at tired tourists or backbackers from below.

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