Of course, sustainability is very important for such a young enterprise as ours. We do our utmost to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible – invisible at best.

Paper and cardboard boxes

When it comes to paper and cardboard, we strictly use recycled materials. For delivery notes, invoices, shipping labels, instructions of use and set-up, flyers or envelopes. As far as possible, we use chlorine-free bleached recycled paper.

Our shipping boxes are made of recycled paper and cardboard. The print colors are biologically safe, and the packing tape we use is paper-based, with a natural adhesive .

The cardboard box your MOSQUITO-SAFE came in can be easily recycled.

Raw materials and production

In order to assume as much responsibility as possible for the raw materials used for producing and transporting our mosquito-safe tents to Germany, we are going to support a transparent ecolocial initiative with 1% of our turnover – retroactively.

We’d like to leave the choice of which organization to support in 2022 to our newsletter subscribers!

The tent is entirely produced in China – we make sure transportation in the course of the production chain is as short as possible. In order to keep the transport as climate-friendly as possible, the tents come to Germany by ship and not by air freight.


100% of our electricity comes from ecological hydropower, and the gas we use is CO2 neutral. Our gas supplier invests in climate protection projects to make up for emissions. This compensation is supervised by an independent organization.

Our website provider also uses ecologically produced hydropower electricity for its servers.

hosted by, with 100% ecological electricity

Colors and materials

We have deliberately chosen white as color for our self-supporting tent that keeps you safe from the bites of mosquitoes and other insects and from creepy crawlers. This color enables you to find mosquitoes easily that might have snuck in with you before you go to sleep, and at the same time, we don’t pollute the environment with textile dyes.

The materials we use are of the best quality, and the tents are professionally produced, applying the utmost care. This results in a durable product that will meet your highest expectations. Durable products protect our planet’s resources actively – you won’t have to keep buying new mosquito nets all the time.

Certified materials and non-toxic insect repellent

Good for nature, good for people! Most components, the cotton-blended fabric for the bottom, the mesh, the ties and zippers, are made of material certified in accordance with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. If you don’t use certain harmful substances at all to start with, they can’t be given off into the environment by your products, which is a good thing.

We deliberately abstain from using toxic insecticides, and use a non-toxic, odorless insect repellent instead, which deters mosquitos and co. but doesn’t kill them. Therefore, our mosquito tent is suitable for children from six months of age as well as for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Climate-neutral shipping and packaging

We use the climate-neutral shipping option GO GREEN by DHL for sending out our self-supporting mosquito protection tents.

We try to find alternatives to using plastics as packaging material wherever possible. One single plastic bag is required to protect your MOSQUITO-SAFE tent during transport.

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