Frequently asked questions

How do I order from you?

Please place your order directly in our online shop. When ordering online, please place the products you desire in your shopping cart and go to checkout. There you need to enter your billing and shipping address(es) and choose the payment method you prefer.

Can I order as a guest?

Of course, you can order as a guest.
Simply enter your invoice details at the checkout and do not check the box that says “Create customer account?”.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We offer different payment options: Prepayment / bank transfer, credit card, or Paypal.

How long is the warranty for MOSQUITO-SAFE products?

The products manufactured by MOSQUITO-SAFE are of the utmost quality – this applies both to materials and to craftsmanship. All our products come with a 2-year warranty for faulty production or materials. The legal warranty stipulations apply.

Can I adapt the MOSQUITO-SAFE to varying lengths and widths?
Definitely. You can adapt your MOSQUITO-SAFE to different dimensions both in length and width. This allows you to perfectly fit it to the bed on your travels.
The length is variable, from 180 to 240 cm, the width from 95 to 188 cm.

You can even let your MOSQUITO-SAFE protrude over the foot end of the bed – which is especially favourable for tall people.

What do you mean by "extra-long length"?

The extra-long length is a support unit. Therefore you can easily let your MOSQUITO-SAFE protrude over the foot end of your bed. Thanks to this additional reclining surface, there is no need to curl up – you can lie comfortably and stretch out. This feature is especially interesting for tall people and for people who are used to let their feet hang over the edge of the mattress when sleeping. The extra-long length is patent-pending.

Is MOSQUITO-SAFE durably impregnated?

Definitely. The bottom and the mesh material are durably impregnated with a substance approved by ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX

How does the impregnation work?

We deliberately abstain from using toxic insecticides for mosquito protection, but we’re all in when it comes to deterring pesky bloodsuckers. MOSQUITO SAFE is impregnated with a harmless substance based on a natural amino acid: IR 3535 ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate.

This amino acid (β-alanine) forms part of numerous human proteins, and it is absolutely harmless to people and animals, however, insects just hate it – it is a strong insect repellent. Despite impregnation, our mosquito repellent tent is therefore safe to use even for infants from six months and for pregnant and nursing women. Moreover, the active substance is bio-degradable.

Is the bottom water-proof?

Since the bottom is made of skin-friendly blended cotton polyester fabric, it is permeable to water. In order to render the bottom of your MOSQUITO-SAFE waterproof, you need to use a waterproof underlay, like a footprint.

Is my MOSQUITO-SAFE washable?

Yes, MOSQUITO-SAFE is machine washable at 40 °C (machine wash warm). The impregnation will last for over 100 washing cycles. Please close all zippers before washing.

How does the mesh protect me?

The sturdy mesh fabric complies with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and fulfills the WHO requisitions regarding the protection from mosquitos that transmit malaria – the mesh is too small for them to get through.

Even if one of your body parts touches the mesh fabric you won’t be stung. The reason is the absolutely non-toxic impregnation with insect repellents which keeps even small critters like blackflies or biting midges away, which would actually fit through the mesh.

The mesh has a width that allows the air to circulate and still offers optimum protection.

The mesh does not protect you from rain.

What material is the bottom fabric made of?

The fabric is a 50/50 mix of cotton and polyester, in compliance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® . The material is skin-friendly and pleasant to the touch.

The impregnation of MOSQUITO-SAFE protects from bedbugs - but are they dangerous?

“Bedbug bites are very itchy, and strong scratching may lead to bacterial skin infections.

Bedbugs are bloodsucking insects, which can – in theory – transmit diseases. The risk of catching a severe infection through a bedbug bite is minimal, though.

A bedbug infestation leaves many people appalled and disgusted.

Such an infestation needs to be addressed by professional pest control. It is extremely difficult.”

Source (in German):

What material are the poles made of?

The poles are made of anodised 7001 aluminium alloy. It is lighter, sturdier and stiffer than fibreglass poles.

The elastic band inside the poles renders the assembly easy, quick and uncomplicated.

How much does a MOSQUITO-SAFE weigh?

A MOSQUITO-SAFE weighs 1,975 grams on average.

What are the dimensions of the MOSQUITO-SAFE when packed?

The dimensions of the packaged MOSQUITO-SAFE are: length 46 cm and width / height 12 cm.

The pole segments are 42 cm in length.

The bag of the MOSQUITO-SAFE is 49 cm long and 15 cm wide/high.

We have deliberately designed the bag a bit larger so you can also stow away accessories, like a waterproof base or a tarp in case you want to use your MOSQUITO-SAFE outdoors.

Of course, you can compress the pouch to get it smaller, however, we do not offer special pouches with straps for that purpose. Compressing the MOSQUITO-SAFE too much can damage the tent and the zippers; please avoid.

How is the MOSQUITO-SAFE assembled?

In this video, we describe in detail how you assemble your MOSQUITO-SAFE tent correctly. We explain on the example of a footprint of 2,0 to 1,8 m in greater detail, and in addition, we show how versions with other base dimensions are set up.
Then we give some general tips and tricks, followed by some remarks on disassembly.


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