Elegant protection with a durable, yet biologically degradable substance.

Protection against mosquitos without fail

When travelling in high-risk areas, where you can easily catch yellow fever, the zika virus, dengue or malaria, the WHO and many Foreign Offices recommend the use of an impregnated mosquito net with a bottom and zippers. Consequently, at first, the tent was only intended for travellers to tropical countries. However, more and more tropical diseases reach temperate climates, too, and therefore using the MOSQUITO-SAFE mosquito net makes an increasing amount of sense even if you don’t travel in the tropics – in your own bedroom, in the hotel room you inhabit during business trips or private holidays – it is, for example, ideal for travelling sales agents and representatives.

Double protection

On the one hand, the breathable mesh, combined with the tent bottom made of a skin-friendly cotton blend, keeps mosquitoes and flies away mechanically and effectively prevents them from entering the tent. The tent is overlong, so it protects even the tallest of people efficiently.

On the other hand, the entire mesh as well as the skin-friendly cotton-blend bottom are impregnated with the highly effective insect repellent Repel Mosquito® by Smart Inovation®. Why? Let’s assume your skin comes into contact with the mesh while you’re sleeping – without the repellent, a mosquito could seize the opportunity to bite you even through the fabric. Thanks to the durable impregnation, this won’t be the case. Moreover, the repellent prevents you from accidentally introducing bedbugs into your suitcase or – later on – into your flat.

Repel, don’t poison

We deliberately refrain from using toxic insecticides for our mosquito net and have decided to use an effective repellent instead. Our self-supporting mosquito tent designated for travels to tropical countries as well as for those summer nights at home is impregnated with a harmless substance based on a natural amino acid: IR 3535 – ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate.

This amino acid (β alanine) forms part of lots of proteins of the human body, and it is absolutely non-toxic for humans and animals alike. However, insects find it extremely unattractive and are strongly repelled by it. Our mosquito-safe tent is therefore safe for children from six months of age as well as for pregnant and breast-feeding women despite the insect-repellent impregnation. Moreover, the active substance is biodegradable.


The independent organization OEKO-TEX® has certified the impregnation in accordance with the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is an independent certification system for chemicals, colorants and auxiliary agents used in manufacturing textile and leather products. The organization makes sure each and every ingredient of the chemical product complies with applicable laws and has no negative effects on human health.

How does mosquito protection work?

The function of this insect repellent is really quite simple. Its odor – imperceptible for humans – strongly repels insects. Female mosquitos (the only ones that bite) are attracted by sweat, heat and the carbon dioxide we breathe out. The ingredient masks these smells and triggers a repulsive signal in insects und arachnids like mites and ticks. You can spend your nights healthy and without disturbances by pesky insects.

Can I wash my MOSQUITO-SAFE tent without destroying the impregnation?

The non-toxic impregnation has been durably integrated into the skin-friendly fabric and remains unaffected for over 100 washing cycles. You can therefore wash your MOSQUITO-SAFE tent at 40 °C (machine wash warm) in your washing machine without impairing the insect repellent – for sleeping calmly, better hygiene and sweet dreams.

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