Extra-long length

by | 24. Jul 2022 | Information | 0 comments

The extra-long length: In addition, it is possible to let the tent MOSQUITO-SAFE cantilever over the bed at the foot end, in order to extend the lying surface. You can easily combine this with different widths. The extra long reclining surface is especially suitable if you are very tall. This concept is also patent-pending.

The tent length has been optimised for mattresses with a length of 180 and 200 cm.

A bed with a mattress length of 180cm can be extended to 220cm by using the cantilevered foot end, and with a mattress length of 200cm, the MOSQITO-SAFE tent has a length of 240cm when using the extra-long length.

Since the bottom material is also permanently impregnated, you won’t be stung through the protruding area either.


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