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Getting to know new people, landscapes and places is always a huge benefit when travelling. You also get to know new accomodations and new beds. These beds are as varied as all the other impressions you will gather on your travels. The bed in your room is the basis on which a mosquito protection tent must fit.

  • In the most favorable case, you won’t need mosquito protection since there are no mosquitos in your room to begin with.
  • In the second most favorable case, a perfect mosquito net is provided.
  • In the third place, you bring a mosquito net that can be adapted to the furniture in place in the best possible way. Meet the MOSQUITO-SAFE tent.

The dimensions of the MOSQUITO-SAFE tent are variable during set-up, thanks to our patent-pending concept. It can be adapted to all standard mattress sizes. This is especially practical if you are travelling (during your holidays or field work), and have the strong desire to rely on a tried-and-tested mosquito protection tent in your room of your next accomodation, too.

The MOSQUITO-SAFE tent has been optimized for the following bed widths (at a bed length of 180 or 200cm):

  • 90cm
  • 115cm (asymmetrical set-up)
  • 140cm
  • 160cm (asymmetrical set-up)
  • 180cm

The maximum footprint is a length of 240cm and a width of 188cm.


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