The mosquito net for all beds

The patented MOSQUITO-SAFE mosquito protection tent for the bed convinces with a flexible construction. Whether single or double bed, short or long – it always fits perfectly.

We have something against mosquitoes

MOSQUITO-SAFE is sustainably produced and can be set-up in a flash thanks to its innovative design, allowing for a comfortable night’s sleep

Impregnated - sleep well at home and on the road

The self-supporting mosquito net MOSQUITO-SAFE keeps away not only flying insects like mosquitoes and flies, but also crawling ones like bed bugs, spiders and snakes

Easy entry

The two lateral entrances are large and will enable you to enter and leave the tent very comfortably.

The extra-long mosquito protection

The self-supporting MOSQUITO-SAFE tent can be set up variably; you can even let it protrude over the end of the bed. It is therefore ideal even for very tall people

Like vaccination protection for the night

With its long-term impregnation, the MOSQUITO-SAFE is effective against mosquitoes, gnats, midges, ticks, flies, wasps, lice and even bed bugs

Safe, compatible impregnation

We use a non-toxic, odorless insect repellent to deter insects. The impregnation is certified according to the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® standard

Easy set-up

The MOSQUITO-SAFE has high-quality anodized aluminum poles. Thanks to its self-supporting construction, it is particularly easy to assemble.

The flexible rods can be set up on the floor, on a single or on a double bed. You can vary the width between 95 and 188 cm and the length from 180 to 240 cm.

At the same time, the stable construction can also protrude over the edge of the bed at the foot end. This creates extra space for the feet.


Aufnahme Überlänge Detail Befestigung

easy entry

sustainable production

reliable mosquito repellent


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