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Fortunately, sustainability is a huge topic for many companies. Of course, it is also an important aspect for us. Since our company is still young, our ecological footprint is comparatively small. We do our utmost to keep it that way – ideally, to render it invisible. In this respect, we made many basic decisions during our launch phase.

At the moment, we are counting on the following measures:

  • Electricity and gas: The electricity we consume is 100% hydropower. Our gas provider compensates for the emissions caused by burning the gas we purchase from them by investing in climate protection projects (100% CO2 neutral gas). Compensation for these emissions is controlled independently once a year.
  • Recycled materials: delivery notes, invoices, labels, instructions for set-up and use, flyers or envelopes … as far as possible, we only use recycled paper, bleached chlorine-free.
  • Shipping boxes: The cartons we use are mostly made of recycled paper and cardboard. The colors we use for the print are biologically harmless. The packaging tape we use is a sustainable adhesive tape proven to meet all the requirements on biodegradability, compostability, eco toxicity and material characteristics stipulated by the EN 13432, ASTM D 6004-04, AS 4736 (2006) and ISO 17088 (2012).
  • Ecological footprint: Determining your own ecological footprint is quite difficult. How many raw materials are needed, and how much pollution is created until your tent has finally reached you? And how need the raw materials and the pollutants created in the production process be rated? In order to accept responsibility, at least partially, for the usage of raw materials needed for production and for the transport to Germany, we are planning to support a transparent initiative committed to ecologic projects. We are still reviewing organizations. As soon as we have decided, we will support the initiative in question with 1% of our turnover – retroactively. By purchasing one of our tents, you can be a part of this – and of all our further efforts for sustainability. Thank you so much!
  • Climate-neutral hosting: Our provider works with hydropower. 100% of the energy required for running the servers comes from hydropower.
  • Climate-neutral shipment: We ship with DHL, a climate-neutral service provider.
  • Our product range: We refrain from using plastic product wrappers as far as possible. There is merely one plastic bag that protects your tent reliably during transport.
  • The basic materials – as well as the entire tent – are produced in China. This results in short transportation routes along the production chain to the finalized tent. In order to keep the transport as climate-friendly as possible, the tents come to Germany by ship and not by air freight.
  • The tent is all white on purpose so you can find any and all mosquitos that might have snuck in. We also avoid using potentially harmful colorants for the bottom material and the mesh.
  • Long-life products are sustainable! Since we use extremely high quality materials, which are professionally processed in the most careful, diligent way, this product will give you satisfaction for a very long time. Longevity also protects natural resources, since you needn’t replace the product all the time.
  • Good for nature, good for people! The majority of components, like the bottom material, the mesh, the straps and the zippers are certified in accordance with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. If no harmful substances are used during production, they cannot leak into the environment, after all!


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